Friday, July 15, 2011

Daily Poems #99-103


(The Absence)

the drifting silence
of your heart pounding
against mine
and the fresh kisses
from your chapped lips
haunts me
with every turn
of this night.

and so I shall
lay here
in the thick
memory filled air
of your existence.
so pure
and polluted
with sharp daggers
of pleasure.

this weight
that lays upon me
brings such a beautiful pain
to my impatient heart
and yet I smile
with no effort.
and tasting
until I am lost
in my this dreams.



its like a dark light
shooting through my soul.
ripping through
without effort
without remorse.

a force
beyond me
beyond my existence.

the troublesome
of finding someone.
the piercing efforts
our heart
can never truly take.

bending like that of shadows;
we form to this light
with the only darkness we know.
the giving
feeling criminal
to the taking.

like roses
in the bleeding palm.
the beauty
in the choked throat.
pressure too great
to want to escape.



My body shall tingle
like the flickers of light
upon the water
in a sunset.


Like white waters
my heart shall pound
in such an invisible heat
on this island of time.

And ridiculous.

As the shadows
in the night jump
so shall my lips
to yours.

To feel.
To drift.
To be human.


# 102

the ironic loss
of service,
so much
like her soul.

she shall taste
but not feel.
like that of
water to the feather.

time of need
never means
when there is
nothing to give.

and yet
pain shall show his face
in a silent state
of bliss.



to smell
a beautiful moment.
the fill
of such a memory.
be this
in my soul,
if you will.


I wrote "My body shall tingle
like the flickers of light 
upon the water 
in a sunset." early this morning.

Just as an fyi. 


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