Friday, July 15, 2011

Daily Poems #108-115


How we love you
just as well.

seems only a brother
to you in these times.
And as I walk
blindly to you again
I shall just smile.

throws her secret filled
arms around me.
And my heart gladly
ignores her
turning away.

is the only God here
in this part of existence.
In the pains of love
and the falling
there of.

is the old friend
we love to ignore.
The game of
the blue heart
and stimulated mind.

To what is
is eternally safe.



This flashlight
of my night
lights up
worlds of words
and in their pages
floats magic
to my soul.

Night after night
I shall turn
to this light
in times of need
and lonesome
desire to escape.

And sometimes
my mind
will turn
to the beauty
of another,
to you.



To exist with you
is like a dance
on the sun.

Never mind the burn
when all around you
is but a dream.

Keep me here
to die with you

For all time
I shall sweat
and bleed with tears.

Bend the knee to you
and only you
with only an exception.

That you burn as well
until our ashes
shall twirl into one.

To exist
on the sun.



To bleed
is such a memory
to this soul.

The pain
of the inflicted
And to kiss
the shake

To bleed
in the mind
of the lonely.

The nerve
in the heat
of such sensitive
and tasteful

To bleed
for the purpose
and time
to drift
into the dreams
of the unwanted.

The inflicted
of this mind.



I'll go back
to that light filled
that could only
have been with you.
And I shall wish
of the difference
to have stayed there

To rot
in such a memory
would be beauty
beyond the doubts
of any
who ever lived.
And my soul
would keep.

My time traveling heart
and the pain
of the distances
from here
to you.
and again
I shall see you there.

Hide from me
if you will
and disappear forever
for my soul
will starve
of hunger
to what could
have been.

Make love to me
one last time
dream of darkness
and bring me
to the forgetful forests
and I will climb
beyond all the world
to the destination
of today.

To stay,
the impossible curse
of a heart like mine
when nothing
is good enough
to that of the
made up past
and beautiful pieces
that were created.



To feel free
of receiving pain
is like to live
as a rainbow
in the mind
of a child.

To float upon
the skies
of dragons
and soar above
the most beautiful lands
with ease.

Pain like light
in the darkest of times
can awaken
the spirits of being
in this heart
of mine.



Feel free my vicious
and cold partner of these crimes
to leave me drowning.



And to those who love
take nothing from and give all.
For they may leave you.

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