Friday, July 15, 2011

Daily Poems #104-107

# 104

and the power
they hold
like a vise
to the neck.

The heat
that shall rise
up our backs
like a sunset
in the desert.

Brain heavy
with doubt
without inspiration
but holding strong
like the struggle
of life.

with it's beauty
shall stale
with helplessness
with pointless effort
to a shot soul.

Wounds heal
and the heart
shall fold with greatness,
but the mind
will weigh
with great strength.

Hold tight
will the soul
to the grudge
of all things
from lost pain
to lust.



Pointless days.

The tense kisses
of passed time
on my shoulders
like the hot sun
blinding through
your window.

Lost yesterdays
and their
minuscule meanings
to those who
care not
to hear.



crying eyes
fall into me.
my hands
shall rub away
those burning tears
of yours.

pouting lips
rise for me.
and mine shall
too rise
to such an occasion
of favor.

shaking chin
come up to me.
where you
shall never fall
in pain
from the clouds
of heaven.


# 107

To dance in the light
with you
melts me to the
nothing I always knew
of myself to be.

For if it means
to disappear
to be with you
I will leave this world
for all time.

Like dust in summer
we shall blow away
in the wind
of all time
to a nowhere
of bliss.


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