Thursday, January 6, 2011

struggling recognition

I'm not sure what this is. This constant blank state of mind I've been in. Maybe it is writers block with a coincidence of just talking about it. For a couple days now I've found myself just staring with no thoughts at all. No pictures coming to mind. Why this happens I have no idea but I hope at the end of this rant I can go back to catching up on my poetry writing.

I just recently added a new friend on Facebook who I do not know personally but he had commented on a picture of mine and what he thought was going to come off as a funny accent, I thought he was commenting something in French. So we had a funny discussion about this and after we became internet friends he had a look at my poetry. He told me he did a bit himself in the Vietnam era when "things were crazy" but that he wrote more erotic poetry. I thought about this. How I never usually write in such ways and asking myself whether I should or not. Try it. Why not. He used the words "usually, the poem is always in the heart and it sometimes just struggles to be recognized. Alas, the infamous writers block"! I liked how he put that.

But how, I still ask myself all the time, is it that our poetry never feels completely as ours. How does it have a mind of its own to "struggle to be recognized" by us! It is as though we are living in dark trying to find it and it lives in the light inside of us trying to find us. Or in this case, me.


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