Thursday, January 13, 2011

Daily Poems #70-72


It was the smell
Of cigars
That filled the room.

Would shine
As the jewels
Among my neck.

Twinkling eyes
Would fold
Upon me
In my entrance.

Grey as the night
Would lend
A hand.

Always around us
As we twirled
To such bands.

Singers ring
Would wind
In my ears
Through such little sleep.

But smile.
Would unfold
On my face
At the remembrance of you.



As it may seem
Is not so.

For such child
Has no such thing
As innocence.

They will
Upon you.

Bleed before you
If they will
Have to.

And in the dark
You must
Make them stay.

For these
Are not

As you may
Wish them to be.



Wish upon me,
Folks from the ground.

I shall hold
All of your secrets.

Your hopes
And desires
If you shall wish too.

I shall carry your darkness
For you
All the way through.

Drift I may
To other lands.

But still may carry
Upon my back.

Grey to black
I'll change by day.

And some mornings
In may
I shall release at bay.

These thought
And memories
Shall fall quite hard.

For as I continue on
I get angry, bitter
So far above.

Drop by drop
These things will land.

Leaving me white and clear
With guilt in the sands.

These trips
I cherish
Forever to come.

So to build upon me
Once more
I shall never regret.

Turn me grey
Black and cold.

I shall still love you
Bright and full.


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