Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Daily Poems #61-63

It's very late, but something inside of me told me I should definitely try and write before I go to bed. Since I have a lot of daily poems to catch up on I'm not going to pass up on any inspiration of the sort. I should be on #118 today so that's 60 down and 58 more to go.


Time passes
As I'm sure you've noticed
Faster than we can even recognize.

These storms
Of time
Seem to brush right through me.

My memory
As faulty as it is
Has begun to slow.

For I cannot imagine
Any longer
How the sky may taste.

I no longer
Can swim at sea
In my dreams.

Life has come
To me
And has said its farewells.

Beyond my reach
It shall stay
In the distant of night.

Where has she gone
This child of mine
That is me.

Should my departing
Then answer
All questions to be asked.

Should I then
Have time stop
Only to dream in the infinite.



Shallow waters,
How well you speak to me.

How you echo
In this place
Such footsteps of others.

You hold within you
The light of the sky
And I shall embrace it.

Blind me still
For I have time
To wilt.

To wind
Only down
Only you could give to my soul.

For on this day
Nothing holds such beauty
As shallow waters
Glistening in the sun.



Hold me close.


Until your arms hurt
And I shall bruise
From such grip.

Kiss me.


Until your lips shall chap
And mine too
Shall begin to crack.

Dance with me.


Until your feet shall falter
As my own shall hang
Collapsed in your grasp.

Love me.


Until the sun shall rise
Waking me
By your side.


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