Sunday, January 9, 2011

Daily Poems #59 & 60

This is my first entry from my phone and I'm quite happy about this. Now that I have accomplished this once from here I hope to give much more poetry to my blog as I have been struggling to keep up with my goal.


Clear as day.
As a touch of my hand.
As a kiss to your cheek.

Clear as day.
As my thoughts have become.
As the days have steadily run.

Clear as day.
From the moon to the stars.
To my heart thumping.

Clear as day.
As I smile for you.
As I carry on.
Just for you.

Clear as day.
My sweet dream.
Is my love.
For you.



Sweet dreams.
How you have set me free.

I could lay,
For hours,
In your land of clouds.

I am here,
In your dungeons of light.

And as I ponder,
These streets of delight,
I shall also suffer,
Through such lonesome night.

But be here I may,
For hours to come.
Drifting fast,
To my land of none.

And so shall I,
Such secrets within,
With my words of thought.

Show me my ways,
Sweet dreams,
Of mine.

And I shall owe you,
In my lost mind.


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