Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Daily Poems #52 & 53


there are monsters in my heart.

as they move around
taking over
for home
i wonder
to myself
if others can hear them.

at night i lay
hearing them
through the darkness
as though they are here
right next to my ear.

they love to play
with no remorse of the damage
they soon will have
made me ill.

as scabbed and torn
my heart will seem to be
the morning after
i sometimes wonder
to myself
in the bright morning light

if there are monsters in my heart after all.



beautiful mist
how you turn this land
such a yellow.

my eyes will drift
no pain
but just peace.

the wind
lifting such spirits
shall raise my chin with praise.

these fields
were meant
for people like me.

for the hungry souls
who never seem
to get out.

if only i could take this land
with my everywhere i go
inside my tiny pocket.

to save such thing for later
something so

could a land as such
ever exist
without practicality?

for all remorse and pain
leaves from my soul
with just the sight of this place.

if perhaps i should
carry such a place in pocket
would my pains ever leave me then?

my pocket
such like my soul
might become worn with hopelessness.

and so
simplicity shall always
win over my heart


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