Monday, January 3, 2011

Daily Poems #49-51

I am now 62 Daily Poems behind but I find this o.k. My goal is not yet lost. I wanted to write a poem for each day and so I shall. The month of November seemed to just slide past with the most quickness it was as if it were running from me. I didn't get very many things accomplished that I had really hoped to in November. Esp the writing month thing but who am I kidding, I'm a poetry writer and as much as I would someday love to write a novel in one month, I find it, now, very far fetched. I did try though, and it was extremely hard. I've been in the state of over thinking everything lately for too long now and it just wasn't helping me in the slightest.

I figured that since I've been so tense lately I should maybe get some poems out of the way and try to make my way up to date. I found the calculating of what number I should be on today quite interesting. Yesterday should have been Daily Poem #109 and today #110. Yesterday was the last day my little sister was 9 and today she turned 10. What a little connection but it made me smile and laugh a little.

I did however try to to set up the "blog from your mobile" thing but it wasn't working out and I got all frustrated from it because I felt stupid and mad that if it would have been able to work I would have been posting poems already from at least December 27th. Oh well. Now lets see if my gloomy mood tonight will unfold reasonably in my poetry. For its about time I sat down to do it (two months behind).


my stars
please don't fall on me
for i have trusted you
with great strength
and as you cross
from side to side
causing confusion
and lost
my head will fall
with you.

my stars
please tell me
i am dreaming.
that my reality
will unfold for me
and i shall be lost
no longer
under your maps
of praise.

my stars
tell me
i am right.
let me know
for my heart hurts
and as i look to you
for all the answers
you fade from me
as my vision blurs
and i am left
sour  and alone.



sweet thoughts of mine
how you have become so sour.

as before like an angel
you are now undeserving
and need rest.

lay still for me
with your quick interests.

for i do not want you
to become bitter.

and as i say to myself
so does it to me
in silent light.



you cold night
how you distress me still.
for my bones are aching
and my teeth shall chatter
as i lay awake.

my skin shall hurt
as my mind goes blank.
and if i even think
you cold night
shall swoop those thoughts
with delight.

my back is arched
as i sit in this state.
and i wonder to myself
if i should just give up
in my wake.


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