Sunday, January 9, 2011

Daily Poems #56-58


For my dearest light.
Do not be frightened by me.
Have no fear of my darkness.
For it is only night.
Although you will ponder,
in absolute unknown,
it will not be long,
in these dark waters alone.

The sun will come once more.
I promise.
Day will wrap its warmth.
Short and sweet.
Although you will see again,
in the far distance,
it will not be long,
in this sparkling delight.

For the cycle will continue,
and so to also sleep.
To chose,
which to keep.



My word,
how you have become so,
My breath,
now so far away,
only you can catch.
If you will,
please fetch it for me,
so as when I retrieve it back from you,
I can give you my last longing kiss.

You precious gift,
wrap your arms around me,
so I shall be covered in bliss.
To hold me tight,
I could only die,
If I shall get lost,
in your undying light,
you may keep me there,
as your willing prisoner.

For only your light,
could I possibly share.

My love.
My friend.
My passion.

I will have such beauty,
as yours.
Our sand will meet,
and you shall too,
get lost in my wings.
in this great big land,
we shall roam together,
to the great big land.



sorrowful angels,
why must you frown.

the sky shall fall with you,
and we all shall drown.

please, my dear angels,
your strength has not left you yet.

we all shall still need you
forever in our debt.

flap your wings harder.
soar through the skies.

we'll praise you forever.
forever, in our lives.


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