Friday, January 7, 2011

Daily Poems #54 & 55


Of all things imaginable
how is it
that with just a smile
my whole day will change.

Of all things thought of
how is it
that with just a kiss
my whole life will change.

There is a thing
you can think of
for as many days as you please
and never truly know it.

There is a thing
that until you have experienced it
no matter how you have studied it
you will never know what hit you.

Beyond all doubt
you will always know
with even the slightest change
that it is there.

Beyond all doubt
with little recognition
you will truly feel
the power of what can only be




The oceans breeze
how it has haunted me so
will drift through my hair
though I am miles from it to be seen.

The sounds shall haunt
as my clothes fall
and I bath at night
before bed.

As I lay on my pillow
birds will come
to sing my uneasy soul
to sleep.

And when I wake
so shall, as every morning
will the sun rise
above the footsteps.


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