Thursday, October 13, 2011

Daily Poem's 152 & 153


I dig
through these
of sorrow.
To see
at the end
of the
could be a
in these
bits of
that eat away
at the heart
like a
with no



If only for a word
for these emotions
that have taken over
my heart,
I would use it
in place of Love
for you.

If only for a word
for the times
we've spent so peacefully
with one another.
The silence that
has always continued
to creep with
subtle embrace
and neither
care but sit in
the beauty of
still time.

If only for a word
for the way your
hands make my skin
scream with
like nothing else
my existence
can relate
to it.

If only for a word
for the way my lips
never listen
and continue to smile
to the stars and back
for the things
you say in my
delicate ears.

If only for a word
for the way my heart
pains when you
are not with me
and the sun
no longer shines
for me
but for the sake
of dragging on
the days
until I can see
you again.

If only for a word
for what we have
made together
in this short time
of unity
and the passions
shared by
both of our hearts.

If only for a word
for what this
has really become
to mean.

If only for a word
I would use it
in place of Love
for you.


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Daily Poem #151


The pacing heart.
A running soul.
The wind
so red
with heat
in the summer
of this

To never lose.
A paced heart.
Made to succeed
in the
of an
so close.

The chasing soul.
A debt for one
who is never
in one place,
to begin
what is yours
to earn
in the end.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Daily Poem #150


Sitting next to this
beautiful man,
I thought
to myself;
what if in love
we had no senses?

To smell
the very unique
smell of such a
special soul
would be
no longer.

And how else
to miss another
so perfectly
the remains
of their scent
left behind?

To taste
another's saliva
the spit swapping
slow kisses
we too often
find ourselves
drowning in,
would be
no longer.

And what else
to remind us
of the nights
to come,
then lips swollen
from the hunger
of such

To touch,
or to feel
the touch of
another's skin
against your own
and the textures
of what
two bodies
so easily
make together
would be
no longer.

And in what 
other landscape
could this
magnetic pull
be made from
if not
from the touch
of one

To hear
the sound
of even
the others
and how
one's voice
could be
in a whisper
to your
would be
no longer.

And how else
to feel
such peace,
when the
of another's
could lift
your soul
to immeasurable

To see
such a soul
in front of
your eyes,
a vision
waited upon
by one
so much in love
would be
no longer.

And to when
would you
such a thing
if there were
no sight
to search
these plains of

An unbearable
to have
no senses.

To have
smelled another's
nor tasted
their skin
and felt such
a unique
caress against
one's own

To never
the laughter
or see
the smiles
you work
so hard to
to be.

What makes
one soul
fall in love
with another soul,
if not for
we find within
and around us?

To have only
one sense,
would be
a fine deal
to this soul
I have

For that
is all I would
if it meant
he would
be here
with me.

But to have
one's heart
I could imagine
could break
from the
within it.

And so I
at this man
next to me.

Took in his
smell as if
it were
my last
and kissed his
soft skin,
only to taste
what it was
I was
looking for.

His smile,
his love,
his voice
telling me
he loved me so
and the answer
to my reply
of loving him
so deeply
as well.

In love
there are
of love
and with it's
there is none;
there is only
in something


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Daily Poems #136-149

I would have loved to reach my goal by now of 365 poems in one year, but unfortunately that did not happen. I am proud of myself for trying anyhow. I'v wrote 135 poems on this blog since I created it. Of course I have a journal I keep for releasing tension through my poetry and my little moleskin notebook I carry on my person for random thoughts and inspired poetry. But here, this has been a place for me to build confidence in just how much I can challenge myself. These posts will still be named "Daily Poems" but of course my goal here has changed. It's time for a new start.

I will make it to 365 poems here on this blog. If not yesterday, why not tomorrow. Step by step and poem by poem whether a simple Haiku or what have you, I will continue to free write here as I have been doing when the call is needed.


That push.

The push of your
Of such a
fierce tongue
that is only
to me.

The push
that your
cannot help
but buckle over
onto mine
for the sake
of pulled

A smile.

The pull
my soul
would take
for days on
no matter
such heavy

The push.

A pull
of fate
and push
of love
my eyes
can no longer
seem to



To write
until the sun
shall rise
into my swollen eyes.
To feel the
of my own
to times
in only my
of when
I knew I was
With you.
The aching
of a back
to one who sits
with no
from the
of others.
To feel this
bittersweet ache
I can only
hope for
in this
dark place
of tingles
down my spine.
To sit
with the
of distaste
and the hunger
of peaceful
one I know
so true
to be my
is a suffrage
far beyond
any words
this tongue
could produce
even for



To taste.
From a tongue like mine
means the world
when a touch of
beautiful poison
walks down your path.
The touch
of a mirrored purity
in you
brought something
from these filthy
finger tips of mine.
No matter how tiny
they may be to you,
they are mighty
and you have made them feel
the freedom
to love beyond the dirt
of these times.
Forever drifting
into the sands of your
I like to call a web
of my heart filled
Where to taste
your words
you speak only to me
and to touch the
dreams we have made together
could only be a dream for the mind
to grasp
in this world we have
and will continue to build together
from here out
into the sunrises of our love
to feed upon.



And so it begins
with a taste of wine and the
very thought of you.



A hot sensation
of this warmth,
making its
slithery way
down my throat,
can't even take
your image
from my mind.
This warmth
of something
so sweet
and intoxicating
as a Cabernet
cannot rest
this mind of mine.
No matter
where this
light filled
brain roams,
they will always
be covered
in the clouds
you so graciously
paint for the
that is yours.



Between the lines of
the days passing me by now,
they play tricks for me.



You warm me.
In the cold thoughts
of the days
I feel so gloomy
empty places
of you.
From the dark
of this cynical
yet hungry

Blanket of mine.
For the need
of this soul,
I call my own,
you belong
to me.
In the sharp
of yesterday
you so easily
take back,
I crawl
beneath you
for shelter.

Taking my breath.
In the need
to remind
me of the
in breathing
with you.
To be one
in the lands
of the cold
ice melting
in the maze
of life.



The day this body
shall care, will be the day that
this bottle is sealed.



Seeing you
with that look
my heart could only sink
with the thought
of knowing
my soul
could cast
such a thing

Seeing you
and the
of bliss
that so uncontrollably
took over
this face
made me smile
with joy.

Seeing you
was all it took
for me
to obtain the goal
of ridding
the melancholy
from that
beautiful soul of yours
that smile
in return.



Fill me up with light
you bottle
of joyous being.

Make this soul
float to
the times
of those
who knew
how to dance
upon the sun.

Take me from this
dark stream
beauty of taste.

These toes are hungry
for the meaning
to walk beyond
the lights
of skies
these eyes
are too tired
to stare at
any longer.

Break me free
my drug
of choice.



do these little
want to drift
from this
solid ground
you have
given me.

these lips
shall crave
the only
to have
given such

will this
and devoutly
the strength
in this



Slow dips
in these thighs
burn for
the pleasure
of yours.
To be a slave
to a
this soul
cries in
hunger for.
The burn
of even the
from the one
I call
strong bones.



Down the hatchet when
my soul can no longer take
the distance anymore.



My soul
sways to that
you do so well
and I feel

A smile
for you
to never see
shall spread
across this
strangers face
and it shall be
for you.

Blue soul
this dance
is for
the melody
of a voice
you give
so perfectly
to a lonely
like me.


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Daily Poems #131-135


With all that becomes
our two beating hearts as one,
cherish only this.



If I shall rest here
with you, do you promise to
rest beside me too?




Whether our minds
make them
or they too exist
as beings,
the same as us
on this earth,
are there.

To feel them
or see them
as they are
may startle the mind
in ways to
ask ones self
is this the Twilight Zone?

For how could
this big world
of what we call
truly know
what it is that our
little brains
and strong hearts
truly desire.


The red carpets
of truth
they too often
know how to
lay out
in front of us
in the worst times
of pain
and sorrow.

To ignore
such creatures
here now
or ever
is a crime
to nature
and the butterflies
in our stomachs
shall whisper
to you

the only real
a bitter soul
can take
when the heart
has been
trampled on


And the treasures
they hold
and what gifts
they truly come
to be
when all that
is left
are the forks
in the road.



The ever resting
mind of a broken soul here
shall melt in these sheets.



And to the soul my
heart breaks for with every sign
this earth holds, be mine.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Daily Poems #129 & 130


How is it, that this
simple piece of sunlight can
melt the hearts of us.



and suffocating
with life's

The dues
and payments
of happiness
and how
we fall so deep
into the pits
of despair.

the long
of our
short times
won't do.

Without forever
we are
in their


Monday, July 18, 2011

Daily Poems #126-128


your seriousness
envelopes me
and makes me smile.

as does
every smile
of your own.

and as I suffocate
into you,
trust becomes me.



Late night
and baggy eyes.

Yawns at war
with the floating

Body tingling
with weight

And the strange sounds
of a tired mind.

to a land with you.



To be amazed
and all that comes
with it.

Heart pumping
in a rhythmic
sea of

The depths
of new.

White waters
of lust.

And the beauty
of spark
that only
shooting stars
could possibly


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Daily Poems #121-125


the mist
of our love
shall fall
with stains
like the scars
of slaves
for all
we've been

our hearts
suffer as one
and laugh
in the face
of the God
of death
as we share
such soul.

for nothing
can take
what is not there
to them
in their dark
of lost
and lonesome



we all suffer in
the hot light of day we call
the burning beauty.



to dance.
to dance to this
a time
where with
only you
I could be

to dream.
to dream in lands
of nothing
that we may
only create
in times
like these.

times of need.

to be.
to be with you
my heart
would melt
to something
so pure
and becoming.
for you.

for you.
I dream of



and it's dying lies
shall live

the tears
in words
for those
who laugh
for nothing.

and the burning pages
in heart
that survive
for those
who never cared
to truly love.



and for those who love
do not lose sight of what your
heart is hungry for.


Daily Poems #116-120


Get lost with me,
in the strange;
in the times of today,
and forget about tomorrow.

Here we'll drift
into the nothing,
and covered in lust.

We'll eat laughter
and drink smiles
in our little dark circle
of horrible wonder.

Hands tied,
we'll restrain from the
quick fixes
life usually presents.

Happy in this
nerve filled
beauty we call
the new.



to sneak
into the dark night
so small and alone
lost in a mind
for the wicked.

its a taste
of heaven
in lost moments
as such
a young girl
could feel.

the feeling
to be all alone
in the dead
of such cold nights.

feet shall tingle
with panicked ambition
as your laughter
echoes in those
yet fierce
dark streets.

like a cat
your soul becomes
to the sounds
of the world
sleeping around
your intentions.

and as you crawl
back into your
warm bed of safety
you feel a stranger
to your home,
no longer
a little girl.



My heart is at ease
of your heart binding with mine
to be blind and free.



to unfold from this
beautifully tragic globe
would be melting sin.



to fade from you
is a pain
much too strong
for the weak
like me.

to melt from you
is a tiring
and strange
for someone
with tears
as mine.

to vanish from you
is a strain
most incredible
for a lost soul
like mine.


Friday, July 15, 2011

Daily Poems #108-115


How we love you
just as well.

seems only a brother
to you in these times.
And as I walk
blindly to you again
I shall just smile.

throws her secret filled
arms around me.
And my heart gladly
ignores her
turning away.

is the only God here
in this part of existence.
In the pains of love
and the falling
there of.

is the old friend
we love to ignore.
The game of
the blue heart
and stimulated mind.

To what is
is eternally safe.



This flashlight
of my night
lights up
worlds of words
and in their pages
floats magic
to my soul.

Night after night
I shall turn
to this light
in times of need
and lonesome
desire to escape.

And sometimes
my mind
will turn
to the beauty
of another,
to you.



To exist with you
is like a dance
on the sun.

Never mind the burn
when all around you
is but a dream.

Keep me here
to die with you

For all time
I shall sweat
and bleed with tears.

Bend the knee to you
and only you
with only an exception.

That you burn as well
until our ashes
shall twirl into one.

To exist
on the sun.



To bleed
is such a memory
to this soul.

The pain
of the inflicted
And to kiss
the shake

To bleed
in the mind
of the lonely.

The nerve
in the heat
of such sensitive
and tasteful

To bleed
for the purpose
and time
to drift
into the dreams
of the unwanted.

The inflicted
of this mind.



I'll go back
to that light filled
that could only
have been with you.
And I shall wish
of the difference
to have stayed there

To rot
in such a memory
would be beauty
beyond the doubts
of any
who ever lived.
And my soul
would keep.

My time traveling heart
and the pain
of the distances
from here
to you.
and again
I shall see you there.

Hide from me
if you will
and disappear forever
for my soul
will starve
of hunger
to what could
have been.

Make love to me
one last time
dream of darkness
and bring me
to the forgetful forests
and I will climb
beyond all the world
to the destination
of today.

To stay,
the impossible curse
of a heart like mine
when nothing
is good enough
to that of the
made up past
and beautiful pieces
that were created.



To feel free
of receiving pain
is like to live
as a rainbow
in the mind
of a child.

To float upon
the skies
of dragons
and soar above
the most beautiful lands
with ease.

Pain like light
in the darkest of times
can awaken
the spirits of being
in this heart
of mine.



Feel free my vicious
and cold partner of these crimes
to leave me drowning.



And to those who love
take nothing from and give all.
For they may leave you.

Daily Poems #104-107

# 104

and the power
they hold
like a vise
to the neck.

The heat
that shall rise
up our backs
like a sunset
in the desert.

Brain heavy
with doubt
without inspiration
but holding strong
like the struggle
of life.

with it's beauty
shall stale
with helplessness
with pointless effort
to a shot soul.

Wounds heal
and the heart
shall fold with greatness,
but the mind
will weigh
with great strength.

Hold tight
will the soul
to the grudge
of all things
from lost pain
to lust.



Pointless days.

The tense kisses
of passed time
on my shoulders
like the hot sun
blinding through
your window.

Lost yesterdays
and their
minuscule meanings
to those who
care not
to hear.



crying eyes
fall into me.
my hands
shall rub away
those burning tears
of yours.

pouting lips
rise for me.
and mine shall
too rise
to such an occasion
of favor.

shaking chin
come up to me.
where you
shall never fall
in pain
from the clouds
of heaven.


# 107

To dance in the light
with you
melts me to the
nothing I always knew
of myself to be.

For if it means
to disappear
to be with you
I will leave this world
for all time.

Like dust in summer
we shall blow away
in the wind
of all time
to a nowhere
of bliss.


Daily Poems #99-103


(The Absence)

the drifting silence
of your heart pounding
against mine
and the fresh kisses
from your chapped lips
haunts me
with every turn
of this night.

and so I shall
lay here
in the thick
memory filled air
of your existence.
so pure
and polluted
with sharp daggers
of pleasure.

this weight
that lays upon me
brings such a beautiful pain
to my impatient heart
and yet I smile
with no effort.
and tasting
until I am lost
in my this dreams.



its like a dark light
shooting through my soul.
ripping through
without effort
without remorse.

a force
beyond me
beyond my existence.

the troublesome
of finding someone.
the piercing efforts
our heart
can never truly take.

bending like that of shadows;
we form to this light
with the only darkness we know.
the giving
feeling criminal
to the taking.

like roses
in the bleeding palm.
the beauty
in the choked throat.
pressure too great
to want to escape.



My body shall tingle
like the flickers of light
upon the water
in a sunset.


Like white waters
my heart shall pound
in such an invisible heat
on this island of time.

And ridiculous.

As the shadows
in the night jump
so shall my lips
to yours.

To feel.
To drift.
To be human.


# 102

the ironic loss
of service,
so much
like her soul.

she shall taste
but not feel.
like that of
water to the feather.

time of need
never means
when there is
nothing to give.

and yet
pain shall show his face
in a silent state
of bliss.



to smell
a beautiful moment.
the fill
of such a memory.
be this
in my soul,
if you will.


I wrote "My body shall tingle
like the flickers of light 
upon the water 
in a sunset." early this morning.

Just as an fyi. 


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Daily Poems #95-98


you beautiful face.

Until the lines shall crack,
with old age.

To walk
across this map of happiness.
It is all I can see.

And I shall crawl
into those lines of light.

Without hesitation.

in affection.

-for Jeff



In the midst of us
can you simply just taste me
and I shall taste you?



swallow me
in the sun,
in the sea.

swallow me
when I burn,
when I drown.

bury me,
my love,
to sleep.

if you may never
love me,
bury me.

for the fire melting my heart
and the tears that surround
is a very lonely way to die.



in this night.
don't be my light.
just be.

feel me.
as I feel you.
and be.


fill me,
with your darkness;
with your flees.

cover me.
in dirt,
from your words.

take from me.
the air in my lungs.
the beat in my drum.

feel free.
feel anchored.
with me.


Friday, June 17, 2011

Daily Poem #94


Darling, like beauty,
your body is a sunset
to my pounding heart.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Daily Poem #93


drift with me my love
and forever I will sing
in your harmony

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Daily Poem #92


Within these tides
I see the future.
Our future.

And so I will,
from yesterday,
from everything.

Your soul.
I will take,
with me,
to drown.


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Daily Poems #88-91

Of course I am yet again ever farther behind. If ever there were to be a Queen chosen for a country named Procrastination, it would have to be me.

I cannot sleep. Therefore I write.


If you listen closely,
to my beaten eyes,
they will tell you so.

Stories of such color
I shall wish to paint for you,


Try a little faster,
 to see through me,
as I may never.



Blissful beast,
hug me.

This light,
this day,
is perfect.
Do you see?

Breathe this air with me.
Stand tall,
as I.

We live together
in this song
of light.

To this day.
And I shall love you

My beast.
My fear.

who is mine.



Pick up your feet,
little dancer of mine.

Prance longer,

My heart shall melt
to the pouncing of your toes.

Make me smile,
my love,
my little dancer.

Twirl for me,

Bleed for me,

Paint this floor,
this beautiful floor,
for me.

For my heart.

Dance my dove,
promise to not fall.

Embrace this song,
and paint for me.

Paint your last song,



For this song,
I drift.

My hollow heart,
farther from home.

but to be found.

I shall sit,
in beautiful sounds.

And again.

And so I fear,
is in this.

In this.

(Mozart, Requiem)


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Daily Poem #87


my dreams may vary
but my soul shall never.

far too many things
come my way
in times of need
or maybe nay.

the mind drifts
to invisible sea's
that we may only
have the key.

so is the same
on our way back.
although we may not need.

for the grasp
of life
may be what we need less of
in the darker days.

still left are we
with enormous amounts
of self,
never to stray.

and so must we cherish these,
souls of ours.


Monday, January 17, 2011

Daily Poem #86


so far.
you realize,
the pointlessness.

so overwhelming,
can at times,
make the mind
quite distant.

for something
out of sight.
it is everywhere.

for love,
at times,
has no boundary
for some.

as sad as it is,
is never,

when your heart,
needs you
the most.


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Daily Poems #81-85


Rain on me.
Soak me with your tears.
Cry upon me,
for it is my sins,
that gave you sorrow.

Fill the ground,
beneath my feet.
And I will swim,
upon it.

for your will.



Take me with you.
My dark love.
Such an angel,
at heart.

Don't leave me
In such

Carry me along,
at your beautiful side.
Let me drift with you.
Like smoke
in the sky.



Your caress,
like heaven,
is something unknown.

as quickly,
as it is forgotten.

shall I hold such memories,
with never feeling it again.

I may,
of you.

after night,
through days to come.

And still,
your touch,
may be clouded.

For nothing shall compare,
to such a touch,
as your caress.



my beauty.

May you rest now.

I shall be here,
with you,
at your fragile side.

my love.

As you may go now.

Sit here I shall.
Never leaving;
No goodbyes.

my child.

Leave this place now.

to such lands,
where angels dance.

my angel.

And I will meet you there.
Never lost,
but gone in the air.



Drift you may, Angel.
Gone, in such darkest of night.
Such beautiful sight.


Daily Poems #73-80


far away I land
in such a great gifted place
wings spread, to now pace.



shake, as you will now
and i shall sit patiently
holding your weak hand.



daisy's, always love
as they smell so sweetly here
defined, and so rich.



little girl,
in the meadow,
how you skip so sweetly.

your hair,
now in knots,
had looked so pretty.

dirt is now upon you,
have you noticed,
little girl?

i hope,
trouble may not find you,
for the fun you have unfurled.

drift on home now,
little girl,
my little friend.

i do not think in days end,
you'll want to keep
such a late trend.

see yourself safely,
little girl,
in my meadow.

i shall see you here tomorrow,
mornings and mornings



hope shall then find me
in this darkened state of mine
as I knew He would.



my flowers,
how dreadful
it is as you reap.

but i shall stay
among you
and collect as you leap.

peddles of you
i promise
to keep.

to hold close
dear to me
if i should weep.



in the night.

please come back to me.

you escape me
ripping from me
at will.

torn away
from you i'll be.

waiting always
for you to come back to me.



my pillow shall call.
when dread becomes of me.

my eyes shall droop.
when songs are rid of me.

arms shall lay useless.
in the attempt of me.

while legs stand restless.
tugging from me.

my sheets shall call.
with cool comfort for me.

blankets lay tall.
with warmth for me.

and as my mind goes blank.
drifting is all thats in me.

to the bed.
is always a rescue for me.

head throbbing
images pulling from me.

and as my head shall lay
so shall all fall from me.


Daily Poems #70-72


It was the smell
Of cigars
That filled the room.

Would shine
As the jewels
Among my neck.

Twinkling eyes
Would fold
Upon me
In my entrance.

Grey as the night
Would lend
A hand.

Always around us
As we twirled
To such bands.

Singers ring
Would wind
In my ears
Through such little sleep.

But smile.
Would unfold
On my face
At the remembrance of you.



As it may seem
Is not so.

For such child
Has no such thing
As innocence.

They will
Upon you.

Bleed before you
If they will
Have to.

And in the dark
You must
Make them stay.

For these
Are not

As you may
Wish them to be.



Wish upon me,
Folks from the ground.

I shall hold
All of your secrets.

Your hopes
And desires
If you shall wish too.

I shall carry your darkness
For you
All the way through.

Drift I may
To other lands.

But still may carry
Upon my back.

Grey to black
I'll change by day.

And some mornings
In may
I shall release at bay.

These thought
And memories
Shall fall quite hard.

For as I continue on
I get angry, bitter
So far above.

Drop by drop
These things will land.

Leaving me white and clear
With guilt in the sands.

These trips
I cherish
Forever to come.

So to build upon me
Once more
I shall never regret.

Turn me grey
Black and cold.

I shall still love you
Bright and full.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Daily Poems #64-69


Stretch your arms
Out to sea.

View for me
What came to be.

Listen closely
To the wind at far.

Taste for me
What is now so hard.



Living in such fear
I shall have this no longer
In spite of my tears.



Fall forever on me,
Body and mind.

I shall always be here,
Still in might,
Giving to you only,
Your rest at night.

Fall onto me,
I can comfort you so.

Giving all I have,
Warmth and soul.

Be here I may,
Where you choose to lay,
Holding you through,
Even in the day.



Guilt me back to you
My sick dark portal of mine
Drag me down tonight.



Step forth to the plate
Heart open to only sedate
But leave not your key.



My body
In this lonesome night
Prays for sleep
To come in dreams tide.

Although wide
With yearn
The heart will ponder
But rest in turn.

The dreams
Will eventually come
To sweep
Only the drifted
Spots of some.

My clouds
Await me
At the brisk of dawn.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Daily Poems #61-63

It's very late, but something inside of me told me I should definitely try and write before I go to bed. Since I have a lot of daily poems to catch up on I'm not going to pass up on any inspiration of the sort. I should be on #118 today so that's 60 down and 58 more to go.


Time passes
As I'm sure you've noticed
Faster than we can even recognize.

These storms
Of time
Seem to brush right through me.

My memory
As faulty as it is
Has begun to slow.

For I cannot imagine
Any longer
How the sky may taste.

I no longer
Can swim at sea
In my dreams.

Life has come
To me
And has said its farewells.

Beyond my reach
It shall stay
In the distant of night.

Where has she gone
This child of mine
That is me.

Should my departing
Then answer
All questions to be asked.

Should I then
Have time stop
Only to dream in the infinite.



Shallow waters,
How well you speak to me.

How you echo
In this place
Such footsteps of others.

You hold within you
The light of the sky
And I shall embrace it.

Blind me still
For I have time
To wilt.

To wind
Only down
Only you could give to my soul.

For on this day
Nothing holds such beauty
As shallow waters
Glistening in the sun.



Hold me close.


Until your arms hurt
And I shall bruise
From such grip.

Kiss me.


Until your lips shall chap
And mine too
Shall begin to crack.

Dance with me.


Until your feet shall falter
As my own shall hang
Collapsed in your grasp.

Love me.


Until the sun shall rise
Waking me
By your side.


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Daily Poems #59 & 60

This is my first entry from my phone and I'm quite happy about this. Now that I have accomplished this once from here I hope to give much more poetry to my blog as I have been struggling to keep up with my goal.


Clear as day.
As a touch of my hand.
As a kiss to your cheek.

Clear as day.
As my thoughts have become.
As the days have steadily run.

Clear as day.
From the moon to the stars.
To my heart thumping.

Clear as day.
As I smile for you.
As I carry on.
Just for you.

Clear as day.
My sweet dream.
Is my love.
For you.



Sweet dreams.
How you have set me free.

I could lay,
For hours,
In your land of clouds.

I am here,
In your dungeons of light.

And as I ponder,
These streets of delight,
I shall also suffer,
Through such lonesome night.

But be here I may,
For hours to come.
Drifting fast,
To my land of none.

And so shall I,
Such secrets within,
With my words of thought.

Show me my ways,
Sweet dreams,
Of mine.

And I shall owe you,
In my lost mind.


Daily Poems #56-58


For my dearest light.
Do not be frightened by me.
Have no fear of my darkness.
For it is only night.
Although you will ponder,
in absolute unknown,
it will not be long,
in these dark waters alone.

The sun will come once more.
I promise.
Day will wrap its warmth.
Short and sweet.
Although you will see again,
in the far distance,
it will not be long,
in this sparkling delight.

For the cycle will continue,
and so to also sleep.
To chose,
which to keep.



My word,
how you have become so,
My breath,
now so far away,
only you can catch.
If you will,
please fetch it for me,
so as when I retrieve it back from you,
I can give you my last longing kiss.

You precious gift,
wrap your arms around me,
so I shall be covered in bliss.
To hold me tight,
I could only die,
If I shall get lost,
in your undying light,
you may keep me there,
as your willing prisoner.

For only your light,
could I possibly share.

My love.
My friend.
My passion.

I will have such beauty,
as yours.
Our sand will meet,
and you shall too,
get lost in my wings.
in this great big land,
we shall roam together,
to the great big land.



sorrowful angels,
why must you frown.

the sky shall fall with you,
and we all shall drown.

please, my dear angels,
your strength has not left you yet.

we all shall still need you
forever in our debt.

flap your wings harder.
soar through the skies.

we'll praise you forever.
forever, in our lives.


Friday, January 7, 2011

Daily Poems #54 & 55


Of all things imaginable
how is it
that with just a smile
my whole day will change.

Of all things thought of
how is it
that with just a kiss
my whole life will change.

There is a thing
you can think of
for as many days as you please
and never truly know it.

There is a thing
that until you have experienced it
no matter how you have studied it
you will never know what hit you.

Beyond all doubt
you will always know
with even the slightest change
that it is there.

Beyond all doubt
with little recognition
you will truly feel
the power of what can only be




The oceans breeze
how it has haunted me so
will drift through my hair
though I am miles from it to be seen.

The sounds shall haunt
as my clothes fall
and I bath at night
before bed.

As I lay on my pillow
birds will come
to sing my uneasy soul
to sleep.

And when I wake
so shall, as every morning
will the sun rise
above the footsteps.


Thursday, January 6, 2011

struggling recognition

I'm not sure what this is. This constant blank state of mind I've been in. Maybe it is writers block with a coincidence of just talking about it. For a couple days now I've found myself just staring with no thoughts at all. No pictures coming to mind. Why this happens I have no idea but I hope at the end of this rant I can go back to catching up on my poetry writing.

I just recently added a new friend on Facebook who I do not know personally but he had commented on a picture of mine and what he thought was going to come off as a funny accent, I thought he was commenting something in French. So we had a funny discussion about this and after we became internet friends he had a look at my poetry. He told me he did a bit himself in the Vietnam era when "things were crazy" but that he wrote more erotic poetry. I thought about this. How I never usually write in such ways and asking myself whether I should or not. Try it. Why not. He used the words "usually, the poem is always in the heart and it sometimes just struggles to be recognized. Alas, the infamous writers block"! I liked how he put that.

But how, I still ask myself all the time, is it that our poetry never feels completely as ours. How does it have a mind of its own to "struggle to be recognized" by us! It is as though we are living in dark trying to find it and it lives in the light inside of us trying to find us. Or in this case, me.


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Daily Poems #52 & 53


there are monsters in my heart.

as they move around
taking over
for home
i wonder
to myself
if others can hear them.

at night i lay
hearing them
through the darkness
as though they are here
right next to my ear.

they love to play
with no remorse of the damage
they soon will have
made me ill.

as scabbed and torn
my heart will seem to be
the morning after
i sometimes wonder
to myself
in the bright morning light

if there are monsters in my heart after all.



beautiful mist
how you turn this land
such a yellow.

my eyes will drift
no pain
but just peace.

the wind
lifting such spirits
shall raise my chin with praise.

these fields
were meant
for people like me.

for the hungry souls
who never seem
to get out.

if only i could take this land
with my everywhere i go
inside my tiny pocket.

to save such thing for later
something so

could a land as such
ever exist
without practicality?

for all remorse and pain
leaves from my soul
with just the sight of this place.

if perhaps i should
carry such a place in pocket
would my pains ever leave me then?

my pocket
such like my soul
might become worn with hopelessness.

and so
simplicity shall always
win over my heart


Monday, January 3, 2011

Daily Poems #49-51

I am now 62 Daily Poems behind but I find this o.k. My goal is not yet lost. I wanted to write a poem for each day and so I shall. The month of November seemed to just slide past with the most quickness it was as if it were running from me. I didn't get very many things accomplished that I had really hoped to in November. Esp the writing month thing but who am I kidding, I'm a poetry writer and as much as I would someday love to write a novel in one month, I find it, now, very far fetched. I did try though, and it was extremely hard. I've been in the state of over thinking everything lately for too long now and it just wasn't helping me in the slightest.

I figured that since I've been so tense lately I should maybe get some poems out of the way and try to make my way up to date. I found the calculating of what number I should be on today quite interesting. Yesterday should have been Daily Poem #109 and today #110. Yesterday was the last day my little sister was 9 and today she turned 10. What a little connection but it made me smile and laugh a little.

I did however try to to set up the "blog from your mobile" thing but it wasn't working out and I got all frustrated from it because I felt stupid and mad that if it would have been able to work I would have been posting poems already from at least December 27th. Oh well. Now lets see if my gloomy mood tonight will unfold reasonably in my poetry. For its about time I sat down to do it (two months behind).


my stars
please don't fall on me
for i have trusted you
with great strength
and as you cross
from side to side
causing confusion
and lost
my head will fall
with you.

my stars
please tell me
i am dreaming.
that my reality
will unfold for me
and i shall be lost
no longer
under your maps
of praise.

my stars
tell me
i am right.
let me know
for my heart hurts
and as i look to you
for all the answers
you fade from me
as my vision blurs
and i am left
sour  and alone.



sweet thoughts of mine
how you have become so sour.

as before like an angel
you are now undeserving
and need rest.

lay still for me
with your quick interests.

for i do not want you
to become bitter.

and as i say to myself
so does it to me
in silent light.



you cold night
how you distress me still.
for my bones are aching
and my teeth shall chatter
as i lay awake.

my skin shall hurt
as my mind goes blank.
and if i even think
you cold night
shall swoop those thoughts
with delight.

my back is arched
as i sit in this state.
and i wonder to myself
if i should just give up
in my wake.