Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Daily Poems #40-48

I have been avoiding my blog for only one reason; procrastination. After trying out the National Novel Writing Month I discovered how much I have to learn and how easily our minds are distracted in the month of November sometimes. Maybe next year I'll do much better and be able to hold tight of my goals better. I wrote these a bit ago and never had posted because I wanted to post more than what was here. These poems were written for the days of October 26th - November 2nd. Please enjoy. 



Your song
from such lips
are like heaven to my heart.

My ears could bleed
the happiness
out of my soul for such a voice as yours.

Words need no such thing
as making sense.

For your lips make plenty of it
to the beautiful pull of a
perfectly played violin.



This land is like an ocean to me.
Deep and dark
with unknown places
our hearts are always never so sure of.

The voices from above us
shall always play.
Yet dangerous this land shall stay
as thousands of years before.



My heart shall love you so
in such perfect moments.
And so shall you stay
with my welcome
for far too long.

Hear me.
My beautiful distractions.
How I love your
overgrown stays
far too much.
And hold close
in my arms
for only venomous results.

Embracing as such
has only killed me.
Yet hold on tight
I shall, till such an end of endless time.
And how similar to love.
This unforgivable praise
I give to you.

So speak back.
And please
favor my heart in the acceptance
of the all famous
words to only give
as an undeniable



Love me.
For far too long.

Kiss me.
For the sake of persuasion.

Hold me.
For the sake of the night.

And lift me high.
For my heart to fly.



Flowers shall blow in the wind
as children's laughter echo's in such beautiful light.
And as such minds drift in wonder
so shall those of genius and unkind.

As some shall shed tears
others, with smiles.
And the trees shall sway for them
with the worlds acceptable miles.

Some shall dance in delicate steps
while some shall morn.
And when the sun rises
so shall then such miracles 
beautiful children shall be born.



To walk with her
and her beautiful heels.
Red as rose
and petite with ease.
Your eyes will thank
with grins to kill.

To feel her
smooth skin.
Soft as the clouds
Electric impulse shall shock you
with urgent love.

To kiss her
with heavens thanks.
Such worlds
never to compare.
Shall take you forever
locked with ease.



This grass between my toes
shall speak of times
I will never know.
And the winds
shall whisper to me
times for no one to know.

To hear
I shall not.
For the sun shining above me
tells me to never.
And the land below me
shall hug me in my shivers.

Folding hands
will stretch my arms far above me
falling to such soft grass below.
And as my smile shall grow
the clouds will cover me
as blankets shall
from such bright skies.

Eyes wet with love
I will look above
to embrace.
For such wonderful days
to always have and hold
in my arms of embrace.



Such strength you have
in those tiny feet.
How you dance
with such delicate power.
I watch you drift
up and down the mystical stage.
Prance you shall
with care.
Standing tall
your delicate fingers shall reach to the skies.
Your eyes
big, washed with grace.
Your long neck
shall bend gently.
As your toes
carry you away with might.
You make your way
across the water like floor.
Breeze you shall
through Chopin's piano.
And lay down
like a beautiful wilting flower.