Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Families Sickness Filled Weekend

Five Daily Poems are due as of today. I have been resting and getting my mind together after a very rough weekend full of family health stress. When I arrived with my family to see my Great-Grandma Pat on Friday, she was in horrible condition. She had gone through a stroke and her hearing was weak along with her voice, gone. I guess it's very common. By Friday night though we could tell that she could hear everything we were saying. Saturday morning she was getting a few words out and that made us very happy. She was extremely malnourished from living basically on her own with no help. Fighting leukemia with hardly a diet at all would wear anyone down. By Sunday my Great-Grandma Pat was in such better condition it was like a weight lifted. She was sitting herself up with her arms and moving her legs by herself. I was so happy. I know the leukemia will catch up with her regardless but at least for now we know that she can still eat, she's gaining weight and getting a little of her strength back. Now all she needs is her Star magazines and I think she'll be 100% more comfortable. My mom got sick and had to leave before she passed it to grandma. The look on my grandma's face was just unbearable. She was so sad. She didn't want my mom to go at all. All Sunday night my grandma was crying for her when she would wake and all Monday morning also. It's been wearing on my mother a lot and many think my mom got sick from stress in the first place. Just makes me worry she might be sick even longer.

On Sunday we visited my aunt Danielle in the hospital who was having her gallbladder removed. She also has a tumor on her liver which stresses us all but in good time, three weeks, it will be removed and hopefully will be behind us. She's had to spend so much time in the hospital the past couple weeks. Stuck on liquids and mushy food for 11 days. Poor thing. And the one who's doing the worst is my cousin Brittany. The poor girl has lost so much weight from her rare condition. Her intestines have failed her. She's had ulcers among ulcers and she's already had one surgery which somehow not only didn't work but things become much worse extremely fast after. My step-Dad went to see her over the weekend while we were close to the area and he told us it was one of the hardest things he has ever had to witness. That the amount of pain Brittany is in right now is just intolerable. I pray everyday that some sort of information comes about and they can fix her. She's only 19 years old and she's suffering everyday. Add drama to this weekend and ridiculous situations and there you have it. What I'v been doing the past five days which have held me once again from my promises of Daily Poems.

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