Monday, October 25, 2010

Daily Poems #38-40


My mind so scattered,
shall repeat itself
once again.

As I begin to feel sick
over the same emotions
from my heart,
I will vomit
what will push it's way out
onto this screen.

I wish
for once
I knew how to express
what it is I truly desire to,
but what may come
for I am only the messenger.

You might ask of me,
and Yes I shall reply.
For sometimes
my heart and soul
shall dance somewhere distant,
and I will only paint the floor.

There will be no show
for me.
My subconscious
has secrets form me.
So many
not to tell.

And so I continue,
piece by piece.
For one day
I shall have all the pieces
to connect
in time,
for a withering mind.



When fallen to sleep.
Drift I may,
through lost lands
of this mysterious earth.

There my soul
shall swim,
in colors of others.
in a whirlpool
of home.

Night after night,
I will meet you there,
if you please do.
And we'll share winds of courage
far from the stables
of life.

we shall be,
to the darkness
of an angel.
And race
we shall,
to our temples
of light.

When we wake
we shall forget.
come home,
we will,
as a sleepers
bright sight.



Her glittery eyes
are like that of an oceans water
in a full moon night.

When she smiles
it is as though
all the world
shall have its sunset.

She gives pain to my eyes
with the beauty
she possesses.
And she will always know it.

For when she see's me
I shall cave back
into my grave.


Number 40, represents a passion I have towards my future written novel. I have entered a contest called National Novel Writing Month. It's for the month of November. Everyone is to write a 50,000 word (at the least) novel by Nov. 30th. There is a story that I have decided on writing since I joined a few days ago and I'm pretty sure I am set on it. I think it could be a success. As long as I don't procrastinate to the point of failure. They tell you to keep in mind, quantity over quality. Some may say the opposite, or that they meant the opposite. But they didn't. This contest is meant for those writers out there, like myself, who, always just puts writing a novel to the side. We critique ourselves so much, it may sometimes take, those like me, five or more years to finish a novel. And maybe even one that isn't as good as it could'v been. If not for all of the re-thinking and re-vising. The good thing about writing this novel, is that they never want you to take down what you build. They just want you to continue building. How beautiful. And exactly what I need to push myself harder to really do it and go through with it and finish it. I'll be so proud of myself if I really get this thing done. And I think I need that.

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  1. and I Truly believe that you WILL do this...and I know You Believe in YOU.. I sure Do Alora..Much Love Marie