Thursday, October 21, 2010

Daily Poems #30-36

I am behind once again in my Daily Poems. And proving once again that I am one of the biggest procrastinator in the world. But this will have to stop soon. Very soon. And by November 1st. I'm entered in a contest called the National Novel Writing Month. They are giving me 30 days, till November 30th, to complete a 50,000 word novel. My cousin Roma sent me the link today and I just couldn't help myself. I said, "I have to do this"! So starting November 1st I'm sure I will update about my progress. I'll probably be buried in my room with lots of tea and bread scratching my head until it bleeds. But we'll see. And until then, I must write my free-write poetry. I will write 7, since I  have not written any in one week. Please enjoy.


cast down upon me
dark skies
in blue
and not black.

for in this darkness
i must have light
to take me through
such night as this.

i have lost my way
in the streets
of life
and shall starve.

feed me your light
until hunger is no more
and i shall
worship you for all time.

i shall sacrifice
for you
and body
of any kind.

i shall be yours
in the this light
of blue.



for you
i shall only hold
true love.

you shall
kiss me with
a caress.

and i will
forever for you.

fall with me
my beautiful God.

into heavens
of dreams.

where we shall part
in time.

hold me
for the winds
may take me.

and care
i shall not
if i am in your arms.

kiss you
i shall
with caress.

and you
shall fall
forever for me.



Long lost words
please come to me

I have begged of you
for so long.

You were here
for such short
a moment.

And now

For the longest
of times.

Please feed
this hunger inside
I have for you

You belong to me
and have disobeyed
for much too long
in this time.

Come hither
and I will bless
thee with beautiful words
beside it. you.

I will give
what only a
can give
to thee.

And forever they
shall stay
with only you.

Come to me.

And I will gift you
with love
that only I can give
with words from you.

My inner soul.



The smell of rain
to my nose
can be very much like
the sun
to a daisy.

At times I feel myself
for just a moment.

In a moment
clarity becomes me
and all that matters
will be my feet planted
where they lay.

The skies will feel
as though they shall open
just for me.

Emotions may
surround with the most
of love. 

And that the earth
had only waited for my existence
for all time.

To be here.

To enjoy it's life
in my own.

For the pureness
of existing with it
in such beautiful days.

So crisp the air
it shall hug me
with it's love.

Kiss me
with its air.

And surround me.

For to stand
planted in such a state
would be as a
child to it's mother.



Walk with me.
In a night
filled with purple lips.

Come with me.
In a sea
in a bottle
for two.

Laugh with me.
With purple lips.

And we shall
all the purple



The bridge of hope
should be cracking now.

For all the sorrow
in this world.

There shall be no more

For too many
it is now lost
in the forest
of doubt.

Although it shall call.

No matter

For in a time,
of selfish
and gluttony,
there are no ears
for such place.

And what shall happen then
to those in need of it?

Shall they fall
as with their first footsteps
into the dark abyss
of sin?

Or shall they pass,
through time itself,
to a future
where Perfect
always shall have a place.

Will the neglect
savor it's friends
in the end?

Or will even Hell
take over the innocent?


36. "Far Away Land"

My far away land.
How very near you can be.

For as I lay here
I can hear your waves
crashing upon my ears
so easily.

My far away land.
How very convenient
you can be.

When all the world
is as a stranger to me.
And you,
the perfect being,
shall be waiting.
Just for me.

My far away land.
How shall I leave you?

For to lie
you have never.
Nor left me
in times of need.

My far away land.
How shall I leave you?

When you are my love.
You are
my very being.

I shall take you in,
as all I know.
For I have no need
for the rest.

With your sands
in my finger tips,
I shall stay at ease.


My far away land.


With a glass of wine they are now finished. Hopefully I can start posting these when I should instead of cramming 7 poems into one sitting. Although that might be good for me. Hope the editing is more appealing rather than annoying with reading. I would love share more of my mind and my situation in life right now but the time seems to be dragging me down into desiring sleep more than anything. So until next time.

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