Thursday, October 14, 2010

Daily Poems #28 & 29

I have decided with the continuance of my successful free-writing poetry that I shall make things interesting and post my every moves. My instant editing. I will leave my mistakes where they are and simply cross them out. Perhaps it will give an idea to my reader of how my train of thought was working. It may be a bit of a distraction for some, but for now maybe some will like it. Please, enjoy.


#28 - "Angel Be Still"

Stars arise
when I think of you.

All will be still
in darkness of night
as I blow my kisses
to your open heart.

Fly a little
with me
my precious

Through skies
of blissful twinkling delight
only you
and I shall know.

With you
by my side
can touch me.

My lips
shall warm
your soul
with endless love.

And drift we may
far away.


#29 - "Puppy Doubt"

My dear creature
how you stare so still.

Emotions arise
from your light brown eyes.

Such beautiful conversing 
in heavy silence.

Tell me your story,
dear creature of mine.

Bid me a tale
from your deep pull.

I am soft to you
as your paws show affection.

Giving you 
what love I can.

Your silence is heavy
with endless care.

I will never look away
my dear best friend.

Listen I may
time again.

And hold you so
for your hard times to end.

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