Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Daily Poems #23-27


As time will fall
so shall the tides
like fallen angels
from the sky.

Hearts will burn
as souls shall fly
like dragons
in the fire.

And as my eyes
shall collapse
on such a beautiful face
so will all the world.



my darlings.
How you shine
in this day.

The sun
shall carry you
in seasons

Such beauty
for saints.
You shall stop me
in my claims.

For to have
you in my arms
is a gift
in this rain.



Cover me in moss.
For I never want to leave
this place.

I praise these trees
in such green.
Crispest of airs.

Wrap your arms around me
my dream.

My soul,
never to part from you,
stay the same.

I give myself
to such purest of

Caress me
as I will to you.
And take me within your grounds.

Drown me in
your love.
As I wish to be.

To become,
of such a place.

My heart shall
beg upon you.
Until my soul shall take.

And my love
may never
leave you.



Wash me of my sins.
For I am lost.

I have prayed
for you.
With no sign.

For only
my Gods hands.

Wash me
of twisted

As I beg
on bloody knees.

I shall wait for you.
Almighty hands.

Take me
in rain
as I have been told.

Wash me.
From the dark.



Follow me.
To the deepest
of doubts.

Follow me.
Until there's
nothing left.

Follow me.
Down to
my sins.

Follow me.
To hells

Listen to me.
My faltered

Listen to me.
My hollow

Listen to me.
Grow oh
so cold.

Listen to me.
and old.

Leave me not.
For I have darkness
to share.

Leave me not.
For I shall share
my despair.

Leave me not.
I shall rot here
with out you.

Leave me not.
For I want you
all to myself.

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