Thursday, October 7, 2010

Daily Poems #20-22


When sea's pass me
I watch.

They swing with such might
and my little body smiles.

For I am planted

The sea's will know
as they know all.

They shall smile back at me
and around me they shall fall.


My soul shall find you.
Beautiful strings.

Your sound,
with passion.

I feel your strength.
The sweet soft strength,
of vibrations to come.

As my body echo's
the sounds of your drum,
so shall my heart.

For my mind will drift
with you.

You haunt my everything.
My mind,
forbidden to leave.

So pure must you be,
Stealing my peace.

I shall never leave you,
my piece of mind.
For you complete.

My thoughts they wait,
in silence.
For the strings to melt me so.

And take me you shall,
Interlude II.


When all is dark,
with no more hope.

You come to me
with your bright light.

As you shall blind me
I see no more black.

Yet with nothing else
I am now blinded in white.

My soul was weak before
but now is strong.

No longer shall I stand in your bright light
but make my own.

Need you no longer
I shun you.

For to blind the innocent
makes such a bold nuisance.

This child now woman
shall stand tall in darkness or light,


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  1. I really loved #21 it had such a great beat and tone to it.