Monday, October 4, 2010

Daily Poems #12-19

I am once again behind on my Daily Poems. So to catch up, I shall once again free-write eight Haiku's. Because they'r so much fun! This time however, I shall write my Haiku's the "proper" way. Only three lines! Each. So here it shall go.

Daily Poems....


As she will sit down,
her bones shall crack of aching
with motherhoods bless.


I say to myself
everything will be fine
in this lonesome place


these little feet kick
with wonderful life for me
and the magic of love


day light hits my skin
and the warmth shall overwhelm
sun, hug me with bliss.


dance, the whole night through
dance with strength and speed tonight
with rhythms delight


little creatures stare
from side to side they will look
with worry in soul


with fear among them
they gather with their sharp sticks
tribes fear the un-dead


oh mother-nature
how your gifts shall pain me so
and fall now I may

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