Friday, September 17, 2010

Slight Thoughts

When dark ruins put you to your rest
everything is still in the night.

As you are now,
cold skin with such red on your cheeks.

The grave tells all to each of us
as our time grows slim in these whirls of sand.

In our glass we shall stay
forever pondering if hours shall exist elsewhere.

My eyes are so puffy I can't quite concentrate at the task at hand. I got somewhat a good ways through. At least I tried. And now this small bit poem will have to join my quite large collection of half worked creations to maybe one day form a full poem of their own one. This is how my poem "The Intentions of the Walker" (click here for poem) seemed to come about. I wrote for days and days and thought up all of these ridiculous lines. They soon all became one. I connected the dots finally and my thoughts came together.

There's nothing more annoying than never being able to place your thoughts together. When they'r so complicated you have to piece them together like a gets old. But it's the only way I work at times. So I have to deal. There is no escape from ones self. No matter.

Right at this moment I am finding myself even more restless and it only continues. So I will form here send myself to sleep and write more in the morning.

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