Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Very 1st Daily Poem

So I'm thinking of doing a daily poem. Whether it be crappy or something silly, I may just write something good every once in a while. We'll see how this goes. I'm already trying to start a habit in myself to be here everyday. Even if I feel the need to come on my blog twice or more a day. So here it goes...

Poem of the Day! #1

ripples in the pool of water
take to me timeless motions

where life in it's simplicity
wraps you in it's warm arms

although chills may come upon you
you are always contempt in the end

contempt with nature telling you
everything is o.k.

and as the leaves above you
play with one another in the wind

you look to the skies that have always
over time told stories themselves

for they have seen all in this world
and have shared secrets with our wind

dirt fills the cracks in our feet
and we feel at one with this earth

for someday we shall become
this dirt under our selves

but for now, we live
in beauty of these lands.

For as many distractions as I have going on I think I didn't do half bad. Forceful poetry can be the answer to my continuous lack of inspiration for writing. For writing anything. I'v been working on a story of a Zombie and it's mistress. I can't say anymore then this but my mind has been racing for so long with so many ideas I can never seem to settle with anything. Not to mention by the time I'm done brain storming I don't even want to write anymore. My fingers get cramped and I am tired.

I remember watching a documentary on people who have problems with writing all day...literally! This man sat at his desk with papers literally covering his entire floor and something in them just makes them not want to stop writing. Who knows what kind of things they'r writing. Maybe they write the same things over and over sometimes. You can't have that much to write about can you? It was amazing to me. I remember thinking it would probably be a gift for a writer to have that problem. So many idea's would come about if you wrote that often. Lets say Stephen King had this problem. How many more books do you think would have been published if he had this disorder? I bet they would even want to sell some of his writings that may not have even made sense. He's famous enough that people would buy his random thoughts in a 300 page book for $50.00. Classic. Maybe I would too.

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