Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fred Morning Memory

I haven't been up this early in quite some time. 07:30a.m. the time in which my sister needs me to get up to take her to school. She's wearing her Fred shirt today. Fred has been a huge sensation on YouTube for who knows how long and now he's getting famous. He's coming out with his own movie that will be premiered on Nickelodeon. We could have been in that movie!

One day I saw a post from Fred on Facebook that he was going to be in our area (about 20-30 min away) shooting a video at a Target! And we could be in it if we just showed up! So it said to be there by 01:30p.m. We arrived at 01:00p.m. Stayed till 04:00p.m. We were hot and exhausted. We met other kids who had already been in Fred videos who ended up leaving! So we left too, only to later find out on Fred's Twitter! That he actually wasn't going to be there till 04:30p.m. All we had to do is hang in there thirty more minutes and we could have been in a scene in the Fred movie and his music video!!! I felt soooo bad the next morning when we found out. Honestly, I felt like crying. But I knew it only would make my sister cry and make her even more upset about a big opportunity we could have had. Oh well.

We all try not to dwell on the past. But when I see my little sister wearing her Fred shirt makes me sad I couldn't make her dream come true because my phone died right when we left that day so there was no way of us getting any new info on the matter! And jealous I don't have a Fred shirt either!!

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