Friday, September 17, 2010

Daily Poem #2

Before the day ends I would like to get a "Poem of the Day" in. My family took a road trip today to northern California and our five hour trip turned into a seven hour trip. On the way we always drive through cow farms in the middle of nowhere and this time we ended up in completely stopped traffic. But we always find a way to make the best out of things. My (step) dad Anthony decided to make a party for everyone else in traffic and rolled all the windows down in the car and blasted Michael Jackson. He was dancing so crazy in the drivers seat that the whole car was shaking. We couldn't breathe hardly because of the rancid smell of cow poop but my mom and I were laughing hysterically while my sister Amanda was crying because she couldn't breathe and she was trying to hold her breath. My mom recorded most of it on her camera. I hope soon I can get it up on here if I can figure it out for who ever to see. I'm just glad we'v finally made it. Tomorrow is our family reunion. Our reason for coming. And it should be extremely exciting considering it's our very first. And now before it turns midnight and is no longer today...I shall write as I have promised to myself.

Poem of the Day #2

As I reach for you my dear
I can only feel the ice from your soul.

And as I freeze here for you
my body is overwhelmed with darkness,

Time will only stand still for me
as yours shall go on.

I give myself to you
my life now forever gone.

If you shall one day warm me of your love
I shall come to you unchanged.

My desires shall stay as the day
you held me here captive.

I pray in silence for your cold heart
to come to me in light.

But forever I shall suffer in your black abyss
waiting with undying love.

This poem started with one line stuck in my head and twisted into a whole other dark land of imagination. I knew this Daily Poem thing was a good idea. It's a forceful way to make myself ponder into the imagination I know I always have with me.

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