Sunday, September 26, 2010

Daily Poem #11

I will cast you gone
to the darkest place.
Bid you goodbye
with your race.
Feed you I shall not
dirty rat!
Hair shall be shaved
of it's nasty nat.

I will cast you to work
in the worst conditions.
Your heart shall soon
no longer function.
Mind you
I shall not.
And my actions will soon
only be forgot.

I will cast you to death
in hells flames.
Make you pay
for your peoples claims.
You shall soon be
no longer.
Forever taken
in heavy dust yonder.

I have always had a huge interest in the Holocaust. How something so traumatic had lasted as long as it had is unfortunate, yet genius. As much as people hate to admit, Hitler was extremely smart and gifted. Although he used his gifts in the most darkest ways. Most evil and controlling ways ever imagined. Years ago I would read book after book on anything I could find from the times of the Holocaust. Only a few things have kept with me that I may never forget. Josef Mengele, "the Angel of Death," was one of the worst followers of Hitler. Experimenting on twins. Never using anesthetics on any of his patients. He believed it was the only way of knowing what was really happening to the nerves. He tortured children all the time and gave them chocolate as if it somehow equaled out the odds. But without him we wouldn't know so many things in science about our bodies. So many more lives would have been lost due to ignorance. But it still isn't justified. In fact for most people, knowing where the information came from that you would have received such help in an illness or defect, you would probably feel guilty. No matter, I will always stay true to the saying, "everything happens for a reason." I live by it. Because everyday it is proved to be true if you just look around. All the evil in the world, can be learned from. And after all, sometimes it takes war and killing, to bring peace.

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